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Dear Friends,

Hi Everyone!

I feel this is going to be a very exciting year for "all of us"....a Year to remember with many New Beginnings and Blessings!
*I have a *SPECIAL OFFER*:
A FREE Psychic Ebook (PDF format) will be sent along with a purchase of a Paid Product(s) from this Psychic Ebook Store.   

*Important and Exciting News for the Year of 2014:

***I have OPENED a NEW Website that offers over 4000+ New Age products such as New Age Jewelry, Meditation items, Healing Products, Crystals, Tarot Decks, New Age Clothing, Yoga Supplies etc.....Check out .

***I have written my very FIRST EBOOK called: Living "The Mystic Way" Heal Yourself and Others with Wisdom, Kindness, Compassion and Empathy***My Ebook will be published at the end of March on Amazon Kindle Books ( and will sell for $2.99 each electronic download. I wanted to make my first ebook affordable for "All".

This has turned out to be a very big Year so far... for me expecially when it comes to "New Beginnings!"....and again thank you for your patience and support. 

*Here are some Inspirational Quote(s) and Thought(s) for the Day that I want to share with "all of you":

Each day brings unexpected Blessings! 

Nothing would be the same without you...

You were meant to live your dreams.....
You're incredible just the way you are....You're already AMAZING!

*Just remember to be Compassionate* - Compassion is bringing our deepest truth into our actions, no matter how much the world seems to resist, because that is ultimately what we have to give this world and one another....

Why This Particular Niche?  


I can hear you say! Let me tell you  that Psychic Development is big business nowadays! As the economical recession bites, more and more people are turning to these ancient arts to have revealed to them what their futures hold. Horoscopes, Tarot Cards, Palm Readings are just an example of the services people are turning to in this climate of uncertainty, as well as the people who have a genuine interest in the occult and mysticism. Just a basic Google search for the keyword 'astrology' brought up an amazing 39190 daily searches! That is almost 40,000 people a day searching for one particular topic in this particular field. 


I have put together a number of very interesting unique niche Divination Psychic E-books that can be used personally for your own Psychic Development,  

Thank you for visiting my Website and I hope you find  information that will  be helpful with your "Journey in Life."

Many Blessings to you and your Family throughout the year!

Linda Reynolds,
Divine Mystic & Life Coach Services

*I have dedicated this Website to my two children Cassandra and Ryan as well as the "rest" of my family (all of you) and friends for helping me to keep my Passion alive all of these years.



How To Develop
Any one who has ex­perienced "phenomena" of one kind or another, or who is more or less "mediumistic,"—desires to know how to  develop his/her own powers and faculties so that the phenom­ena which come through him/her may be increased in power, in clearness and in excellence. It is quite possible to in­sure this—since we are all more or less mediumistic or psychic, and need only to cultivate our powers in order to develop them, and bring them to maturity. Develop­ment will differ, according to the character of the phenomena that we desire. Those who desire physical phenomena must develop in one way; those who desire to obtain automatic writing must develop in another; those who wish to become clairvoyant must develop in still another, and so on.

*Please Note:
*All Psychic E-books and Tarot/Angel Card Readings offered on this Website are for your own personal Entertainment & Enjoyment Purposes.

*Sorry *NO REFUNDS* on E-Books once sent out by Email. Thank you for visiting my Website. 

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